Four Gentlemen Workshop by Bertrand Mao

We are honored to have Bertrand Mao as our instructor. He is a well-known local brush painter and calligrapher and has given our chapter several demonstrations. He has been painting for over 60 years and has taught students of all ages.  Mr. Mao is a true modern literati. He is well versed in the classics, is a master painter and calligrapher. For … Read More

Papercutting Demo by Dr. Longze Zhang

We are excited to have Dr. Longze Zhang as our honored guest at the in-person Chapter meeting at the Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Falls Church, VA. Dr. Zhang is a computer scientist and a renowned artist, born in Shandong, China and currently resides in Maryland. He is renowned for his innovative work in Chinese papercutting, clay sculpture, documentary filming as well as … Read More