Joan Lok’s Demo – Moving Water









NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – November 2023

On November 30th, 2023, Joan Lok did a presentation for our chapter meeting. Joan is a former resident of Maryland who has relocated to Central Florida. Many of us are familiar with Joan’s new adventure as an Online teacher of all things Sumi-e.  Before retiring Joan raised two boys, worked full time, taught Sumi-e in person, and was President of the Sumi-e Society of America for 10 years! She still found time to study with Master teachers and, maybe, get some sleep.

Joan chose to show us how to paint Moving Water. Joan still managed to explain how the ancient painters showed water in paintings and woodblock carvings. For Joan Lok’s Art Online Workshop, please go to


Hsi-Mei Yates’ Demo – Dragon








                                                                       NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – September 2023

On September 28th, 2023, the chapter meeting was held at the Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. Our longtime member/teacher, Hsi-Mei Yates, gave a wonderful demonstration of how she painted the dragon. In preparation of the coming Lunar New Year in February 2024, the subject was very timely for welcoming the Year of the Dragon. Hsi-Mei’s dragon in the cloud came alive with her masterful brushstrokes and touches of cheerful colors while she reminisced many entertaining stories of her childhood. Although we had held the Zoom meetings a number of times in the recent past, this demo was the first hybrid meeting which involved a gathering of attendees who were present in the room and our remote members who were observing the demonstration online as the virtual audience from different locations at the same time. In addition, the demo was also recorded on YouTube for those who would like to view the painting progress at their own leisure. For Hsi-Mei Yates’s profile, please visit her website


Pei Hua Chiang – Painting Floral/Bird Demo







NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – May 2023

NCAC held our first in-person Chapter members’ meeting after the pandemics on May 25, 2023 at the Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Falls Church, Virginia. After the meeting, our participating members were treated to a live painting demonstration conducted by Pei Hua Chiang, a master of Floral/Bird as well as creative landscape painting. Pei Hua has been a teacher and mentor for many people in our area. As a biology teacher, she has a keen sense of observation that enables her in depicting the subjects of animals and plants in their natural form. Her artworks are inspirational for her notable innovative brush strokes and elegant composition of delicate poetic style. Her teaching includes a wide variety of subjects, the medium, styles from  traditional to modern.


Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz – Painting Crabs & Shrimps 

NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – September 2022

Our September program featured one of our favorites. Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz is a long time teacher at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. For several years she has been experimenting in different techniques such as alcohol and ink, acrylics, and she paints wonderful Po Mo as well. We have left it up to Charlene to surprise us with her subject. It was a crustacean painting feast for us. See below for more information on Charlene.

Fine Art America:            VIDA:


Virginia Lloyd-Davies – Painting Frogs ?

NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – May 2022

Our May Chapter meeting featured Virginia Lloyd-Davies demo. She has been painting and teaching Chinese brush painting for over 40 years and in 2019 published her book, “Mindful Artist: Sumi-e Painting”. A women of many talents she is an accomplished singer, actor and puppeteer. Many of us have watched her instructional brush painting YouTube videos. Virginia is accomplished on a wide range of traditional and non-traditional painting techniques. She is known for paintings of birds, flowers, mountains and waterfalls but has now branched out with playing with Po Mo.

For Virginia’s Bio, gallery, contact information and website, please click here to go to her Portfolio page on our website: Virginia Lloyd Davies’ Port Folio


Jade Lam’s Workshop

February 2022

We are very excited to hold a Zoom Workshop with Jade Lam on February 10th and 12th, 2022. Jade Lam, the workshop instructor, lives in New York City. She won an award in the 2021 Sumi-e Show for her painting called “Family”. For her work, background and statement, please visit her website:
Jade is no stranger to teaching over the internet during the pandemic. Although she is comfortable with all aspects of brush painting, she has worked out a plan that focuses first on trees and rocks. Using that practice, Jade worked on two landscape paintings and explained how to use three different avenues for inspiration for a painting: 
Old Master’s work; Nature; and Feelings


Susan Frame’s Demo – Playing With The Ink & Happy Accidents

NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – May 2021

Susan Frame was our guest artist giving a painting demonstration at our November Chapter Zoom meeting. She is a painter, calligrapher, poet, author and teacher. She is also a long time member of the Sumi-e Society of America and a winner of numerous painting and calligraphy awards. In 2019 we were treated with a workshop with Susan. Her workshop was so well received that we have asked for a return demonstration. Susan is known for her unique approach of combining traditional Sumi-e with the abstract. Her “playing with the ink”, water and brush result in ethereal paintings of landscapes and flowers. She uses “happy accidents” to her advantage for the inspiration for her paintings. Susan will develop a splash/poured painting using a prepared background of color and mineral pigments.


Bok Kim’s Demo – Bamboo Painting and Pillow Covers









NCAC Chapter Meeting / Painting Demo – May 2021

Following the Chapter meeting was a demonstration by Bok Kim, a member who is a multi-talented artist and teacher. She demonstrated a bamboo painting and other painting techniques on the cotton throw pillow covers (cushion) with the Dye-Na-flow. Since 2002, Kim has Solo and Group Exhibitions, at Maryland/DC area locally, nationally and internationally in Korea, China, Canada, and Paris. She has won numerous awards and recognition for her paintings.


Hsi-Mei Yates’ Workshop – Koi and Lotus

February 2021









Hsi-Mei’s Sumi-e and watercolor style are observed from life and then use art to celebrate nature’s beauties. She was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She has in love for nature and had an affinity for art since early childhood. Her skills led her to be hired as a designer by the China Art Company, known internationally for its exquisite hand-painted ceramics.Hsi-Mei further developed and refined her techniques and  painting skill through individual study and  under the tutelage of many renowned Chinese artists. She studied the brush stroke of the flowers and the birds with Chao Sung- Ch’uan (趙松泉) and Tu Teng -Yin (杜簦吟, Landscapes with Shu Feng-Nan (蘇峯南), Bamboo teacher Chung Shou- jen(鍾壽仁). In 1983 Hsi-Mei entered the United States and then continued her art adventures. She has taught in Washington state, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland and Virginia for over 30 years.

You can find her work in North Carolina at handscapes gallery. She has a studio in the Old Town Fredericksburg called Liberty Town Arts Workshops studio 23.


Art Online Workshops & Virtual Classes


Joan Lok

Joan Lok discussed the Chinese Red Ink Paste (Yin Ni), including its ingredients, how to store it, and the three most famous brands.
You can see her video on YouTube:

Joan has also converted her workshops into online learning. The painting process is broken down into easy-to-follow videos where you can pause, go practice, and watch again.
For Joan Lok’s Art Online Workshop, please go to




Members and their art at Susan Frame’s workshop in 2019