Anne Kalvin Klein

Anne first discovered the joy of painting when introduced to Sumi-e over ten years ago. Learning about the history of this unique, ancient art and the wonders of nature reflected within she picked up a brush and began a new and exciting journey.

Today Anne’s works reflect both Western and East Asian brushstroke styles. She paints using the Four Treasures (brush, ink, inkstone and rice paper) used by past Sumi-e Masters and current Sumi-e artists.

When creating with her brush, she strives to capture the majesty, strength and grandeur of mountains and trees that offer a path to heaven; the beauty and fragility of flowers (lotus, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum) that provide pleasure, comfort and solace; and, the liveliness, whimsy and curiosity of birds and other animals with whom we all share time and space.

Anne has been fortunate to learn composition and brushstrokes in classes taught by Betzi Robinson, to whom she is deeply indebted, as well as instruction from Professor I-Hsing Ju and Jamaliah Morais. She has participated in numerous workshops led by many distinguished Sumi-e artists including Tesshin Sasaki, Virginia Lloyd Davies, Cheng-Khee Chee, Lian Zhen and Ning Yeh.

Her art has been displayed in numerous SSA National Exhibitions, many NCAC exhibits and other regional shows. It is displayed in private residences as well. She is currently the editor of Sumi-e Society of America’s Quarterly and serves as President of the National Capital Area Chapter of SSA.