Cathy Chi

Cathy Chi is a Taiwanese American who came to USA for graduate study in 1970. She lived with her husband and two little kids in Ithaca, New York until 1976.

Then they moved to Washington DC area in 1977, and Cathy worked in accounting and financial management with non-profit trade associations and Federal Government agencies for over 30 years.

She received training in calligraphy during her school years in Taiwan. She was very interested and enjoyed this sumi-e art.  Writing calligraphy became her hobby.

Washington, DC is a culturally rich city.  There are so many talented painting teachers and masters. Starting in 1995, Cathy learned basic brush painting from a local teacher for a year. She was always so excited and so productive! Then the following year, she started to learn the free style of flower and bird from master, Pai-Hua Hsu. She also learned bamboo with master, Irene Hou, and learned landscape with master, I-Chi Kung and master, Bertrand Mao.

One day Cathy told herself why not become a teacher of the “Four Gentlemen”.  So, she volunteered to teach for a local non-profit senior center for three years.

About 12 years ago, her teacher Hsu, encouraged Cathy to join SSA (Sumi-e Society of America).  As a member, she gained and learned much more experiences in Sumi-e art. Then, she wanted to give thanks to her teacher Hsu. She has been so proud and has enjoyed so much all the activities that both NCAC (DC chapter) and National Sumi-e Society of America have provided.

She is an active member of the National and DC chapter Semi-e Society of America. Her painting has been exhibited in many group shows and she has won an award for her painting in SSA National Exhibition.

After Cathy retired from the Federal Government, her favorite activities have been writing calligraphy, doing brush painting, and singing. Sumi-e art is a great gift for her life.

mail:     Phone: 301-871-8747