Biography for Jean Seelig

I began taking formal art lessons in the 70s, and at that time saw a demonstration of Sumi-e or Asian Brush Painting. I thought “oh I just saw God create a flower” and I have to learn to do that. After a year of study under Ming Friedman, I postponed my art career until my formal retirement in 2005. It was, however, a great counterbalance to a difficult job with addicts.

So upon retirement, I began to study with Betzi Robinson, and have taken weekly from her for the last 13 years. We are very fortunate in the DC metropolitan area to have many great teachers and several venues yearly. Teachers come in from all over the US, Japan and China such as Henry Wu, Chen Kee Chi, and Shozo Sato. Many local artists also teach and give individual lessons. Thus I have been able to hone and expand my skills. Brush painting is a very practiced art form not unlike other Asian artistry.

In 2009 I became President of the local chapter of the Sumi-e Society. One of the main missions of this society is to educate and keep this ancient art form alive. Since I took that very seriously I began to teach and demonstrate. I have been able to teach in VA, PA, NY, and even Manila, Philippines. It is awesome to see students come alive. I have also taught Asian Art History for Shenandoah University, and we studied drawing with a brush. More recently I have taught for the Center for the Arts in Manassas, and the AIM Gallery in Middleburg.

The love and joy of Asian brush painting is as much a gift to me as others who receive it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.